Sunday, 29 June 2014

Happy Families

In the last week I've had two different branches of the family pop by for a flying visit. That's one of the many joys of living in a beautiful part of the world, people always want to come  for a visit. 

It's been great to catch up, and be totally spoilt, by people who care. I've been out on a boat trip, been taken for a lovely meal, and had a few drinks too many at a BBQ (well, it's not often I get to do that). We had an absolute ball and didn't stop laughing all night. I'm definitely getting older though as I certainly didn't drink that much, but I knew about it the next day! That's the draw back of having fun with folks a lot younger than oneself I suppose.

The weather stayed fine while they were here, and it was brilliant to sit late into the night talking and laughing with the people you love. One of life's simple pleasures. Very happy days indeed. Now life is getting back to normal but I really feel like I've recharged my batteries. Just what I needed, I really didn't like the miserable me!


  1. So glad to hear you had a lovely time, you deserve it.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!! So glad you had fun!!

  3. O hun your post even sounds recharged..i am so glad you have had a great time..
    take care

  4. Being with friends doesn't need to cost a thing but is worth the World isn't it? Great looking Blog.